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Next125 Kitchen collection

Made in Germany. Next125 is here, the standout kitchen that will show off your house with flair and a touch of modern brilliance.

Next125 Kitchens

  • Made in Germany
  • next125 – a kitchen generation created in harmony with form, materiality and authenticity. Under the premise of uniting functionality and design. Strictly formal in statement – from path breaking technical cabinet systems up to the perfect interior division.
  • next125 handleless – the line is the origin of everything. The new classic in the matter of horizontal kitchen architecture. Straight forward cubic and full of surprising details inside. No handle disturbs the blocky and simple appearing aesthetics.
  • next125 – with new, wall-mounted elements, in the version with handle and handless, there open up floating design solutions. Built on an equally strict 125-grid-system – with the aim of lending freedom and weightlessness to the living realm kitchen.
  • philosophy. awarded, international design. Sustainably produced – to a surprisingly pleasant price.
  • next125 front designs. Whether real wood veneer, matt or high gloss lacquer, satin lacquer, glass front or valuable laminate – only honest and high quality materials meet with our claim.
  • next125 bar. A synonym for the new time-out and the modern sense of nature. Floating solid wood boards and tables capture the powerful aesthetics of nature characterizing the archaic appearance. As a bar or dining attachment table – the natural material wood remains exciting in design, relaxing in its effect.
  • next125 cube. The principle of order as an expression of sublime aesthetics: next125 cube. Ordered, closed, tidied up, this is our message. Modular cubes characterize the aesthetic character.

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